Efate Geothermal Power Plant - Phase 1 (PIN/PDD)

Phase 1 of the project will build a geo-thermal power plant in the Efate Island. Electricity generated will be supplied to the local grid.

Project Idea Note (PIN)

Project Design Document (PDD)

    The plant will use the geothermal resource at Takara and have an installed capacity of 5 MW. The project activity will help improve electricity access in rural areas. Currently 90% of the electricity supplied by the local grid is produced by diesel generators.

    Project facts

    Country:  Vanuatu

    Project Type:  Renewable Energy – Geothermal

    Project size:  Small scale

    CERs/Year:  19,237 tCO2e/year (134,659 tCO2e for the first 7-year crediting period)

    Contact:  Tim Hewatt, Kuth Energy Ltd, tim(dot)hewatt(at)kuthenergy(dot)com

    Status:  Pre-feasibility Study finished

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